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Cloud Accounting Software & Training

Traditional books are so last century. We’ll help you set up your finances in the cloud and say goodbye to boxes of paperwork in the attic.

Cloud-based book keeping software is the biggest revolution in business accounting since the calculator and it will make running your company easier. You can

see real time bank balances

invoice clients

directly scan and email receipts

view receivables and payables

sync point of sale & ecommerce

integrate timesheets

enjoy a real time overview of your business

All on a user-friendly app for your phone and desktop.

Our cloud-based accounting service takes the pain out of day-to-day cashflow, quarterly VAT and tax returns leaving you free to concentrate on making your dream a reality. Drop us a line or call to find out more.

Self-Employed Accounting

Getting the finances right is a doddle when you take advantage of our creative industry expertise.

Setting out on your own is an adventure, but it’s easy to drift off course. Every successful freelancer needs the right advice behind them. Our team not only helps you with core accounting services, but we also ensure you get set up the right way. Talk to us about

setting up on your own

choosing a business structure

completing tax returns

knowing what tax to pay

understanding what you can and can’t claim against tax

paying yourself and others

what bank account you need

Kalculus has a strong history of supporting creative industry freelancers from stylists to camera crew, chefs to designers. Call us now for a quick chat about your needs.

Business Accounting

It’s not all VAT, tax and returns. Creative businesses need a whole picture approach that helps you manage the day-to-day while you reach for the stars.

Creating and growing a business is about far more than getting new clients. Which ones are profitable? How much should you charge? How do you manage your cash flow? What about scaling things up? We help clients with every aspect of business finances.

tax reliefs

cash flow

company formation

credit control



managing leave and entitlements

payroll and National insurance

shareholder agreements

employee share incentive schemes

sources of finance

stock management

systems & processes

tax & returns

Because we’ve worked in creative industries ourselves, we get it. Let us know where you want to get to and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Tax & Making Tax Digital

Are you ready for digital taxation? Our clients are. We’ll walk you through how to prepare for the government’s new approach to VAT, tax and returns.

Starting from April 2019, the Inland Revenue are undertaking the biggest ever overhaul of the UK’s tax system. Gradually all tax and returns will be filed and paid online, and every business will be affected. If your company finances are not cloud-based and your systems are not in place, things could get sticky. The good news is our experienced team can walk you through the transformation to fully digital and make your finances easier in the process.

capital gains tax

corporation tax


income tax

inheritance tax

self assessment

tax allowances

tax planning


Drop us a line and we’ll talk about how we can help.

Start Ups

Get your business off the ground with on-tap advice.

There is no such thing as a stupid question when you’re starting a business. Whether this is your first time or you’re a serial entrepreneur, you can talk to us about

accountancy software and apps


business systems and processes

cash flow management and forecasts

credit control

company secretary duties

company structure

company tax returns

corporation tax

directors income

grants and loans


tax planning

raising finance

payroll, staffing, N.I. and pensions

Kate, our founder, has in-house experience working in start-ups and creative industries as a finance director and can advise you on getting started the right way.

Systems & Processes

There’s an art and a craft to business success. We’ll help you set yours up, so things run like clockwork.

You don’t need a degree in Business Management to set up a company, but strong systems and processes underpin successful ventures everywhere. We’ve worked in the creative industries, so we get the pressures and work flows. We can help you improve

cash flow

credit control



payroll, income tax, N.I., and pensions

point of sale

stock management

If you’re overwhelmed or you think things aren’t working as well as they could be, get in touch. We can work it through together.

Forecasting, Budgeting & Strategy

Plan your company’s next moves with confidence and get credit, cashflow & stock under control.

Our experience working with a range of creative businesses helps us work with our clients to manage their budgets and financial strategies. We help you see beyond the numbers to avoid cash flow bottlenecks, find the right ways to develop your brand, deal with invoicing, tax planning and charging clients correctly.

Finance, Growth & Expansion

Tap into new sources of funding, apply for grants and loans, and plan your business growth on a sound financial footing.

We advise clients who are ready to take the next step on all aspects of funding from grants and loans to working with venture capitalists. Our hands-on business experience means we are confident working with company directors who are looking at scaling up their operations or dealing with rapid expansion. Drop us a line or call us to learn more.

Consolidation & Client Retention

See beyond the numbers to evaluate your business and hone in on profitable areas.

Is that client profitable or not? Which type of revenue should you focus on for the fastest company growth? How much does it cost to run your business and how much should you charge? Because we understand business and don’t just crunch numbers, many directors turn to us for advice on their business development.


We act and advise for individuals and companies operating in the creative industries.

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Does your business need advisers that understnad your needs? Then don’t hesitate to drop us a line.